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Before we begin, lazy people can click here for the latest site updates to save valuable working time when browsing, those wishing to leave any comments can do so in the guestbook, now where were we ...

This page could either be a load of fun or it could be pants. Either way it's here and we're gonna make the most of it. Oh - and if you are already wondering what the significance of monkeys and pigs are then you should visit this site again when all will be revealed.

hardcore pork at its best


You see we work in an IS department and as you can imagine the conversations can get a little abstract, check out our anorachs corner, so ...

show me the money

To lighten the office mood the notice board behind our desk, which was originally intended for company brainwashing purposes, has been hijacked and is now our very own team billboard.

red bull gives you wings

People come from all over the building, well from our floor anyway, just to get with the topic of conversation for the week. Very often we have to either explain it or simply let people use their own imagination. This can be quite amusing for those of us who are 'in the know' as people can be completely off the mark and make fools of themselves trying to explain what they don't know - LOL.

roxy dinners - yum yum

Our board comprises of a very nice little aluminium number with a perspex window which allows the 'topic of the week' to be slotted into place. Sometimes, if we are feeling particularly creative, we may have more than one offering per week but we tend to change the subject on Thursday. Recently we presented a series based on the popular itv-digital monkey, mainly as a piss-take at my expense, but it worked well and you can see the pictures here.

bombs away

Who are the office team members you ask, well here is the list, in no particular order apart from alphabetic on first name ...

on a mission

Current office members ...

Ian Bandy - Ian runs Laptopical, which is a high hit website so thought I would piggyback on his great Google ranking ;-)
Lee Vickers - he is the boss, but in which camp does he really belong ?
Lincoln Jones - always a little, never enough
Philip Oldfield - the sharpest wit in the box

Departed office members ...

Amanda Oscroft - generous, warm hearted woman **redundancy **
Colin Holden - creative genius and seasoned coach travellor **redundancy **
Ian Bobbett - wannabe gang member **contract ended**
Linda Popplewell - she was the boss **redundancy**
Martin Farrell - webmaster and owner of this 2 bit domain name **moved to another office**

get off me tail !

PS: If you got this far and are still wondering what this is all about, click the hardcore pork at the top of the page - idiot !

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this is especially for Phil and his little boy Sam